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August 2023 Regulatory Review

This Florida Senior Living Association's Administrative Rule Review reports on recently proposed regulatory changes affecting Florida’s ALFs as a service to FSLA members. In this issue, FSLA is providing our members with a recent summary of regulatory activities in Florida pertaining to ALFs.

Florida Regulatory Information:

  • 8/28/23 AHCA Joint Training

  • 8/21/23 AHCA Mask Rule

  • 8/8/23 AHCA CEMP Rule Hearing

  • 8/4/23 Update Visitation Policy with IPC Mask Information

  • 7/28/23 DOEA ADRD HB 299 Review Update

  • 7/27/23 AHCA Emergency Rules on Vaccinations & Masking and OSHA Refresher

  • 7/26/23 DOEA ADRD HB 299 Review

Hurricane Idalia Notifications:

  • 8/31/23 AHCA Changes Reporting in HFRS Database

  • 8/30/23 Everyone Report To HFRS 2

  • 8/29/23 Everyone Report To HFRS

  • 8/28/23 Report to HFRS, Curfew Letter, Industry Partner Information

  • 8/27/23 AHCA Opens HFRS Database

  • 8/26/23 Storm Prep Update

  • 8/25/23 Tropical Storm Headed to Florida

To learn more, please visit this list of FSLA's Upcoming Events

Please contact Jason Hand, FSLA's Vice President of Public Policy & Legal Affairs, for more information or email him your concerns or comments.

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