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FSLA is collecting recipes, stories and sweet traditions from members and residents for an exciting recipe book project.

Help us fill its pages with your favorite family recipes! It will also be a special opportunity to submit recipes in honor or in memory of a loved

one. Our goal is to gather 200 recipes by October 31, 2024. We hope to have cookbooks to sell as holiday season gifts!

Complete the form on this page. 

As a thank you, we will gift each contibutor a free copy of A Heaping Helping of Joy.

To submit your recipe using a printed form,

please download and print here.

Recipe Submission Form

I am a:
I wish to dedicate this recipe:
Please indicate the category into which your recipe fits best: (an item can be in more than one category but will categorized based upon printing needs)

Recipe Instruction Tips:

  • In the ingredient section, list all ingredients in the order in which they will be used.

  • Include all container sizes, and measurements (i.e., 24 oz can, 16 oz package, 2T, 1 1/2 t, 3 cups, etc.

  • In the directions, list ingredients by name (i.e., “combine flour, salt and sugar”, NOT “combine first

    three ingredients”.

  • Include temperatures if appropriate.

  • Include approximate cooking times, but also describe the desired result of a step (i.e., “bake until

    firm and golden brown, approximately 20 minutes.)

  • Include baking pan size if appropriate; indicate whether to cook or bake covered or uncovered.

  • You may include cooking tips, optional ingredients or serving suggestions.

List ingredients below:

T=Tablespoon | t=teaspoon | c=cup | oz=ounce(s) | qt=quart(s) | lb=pound

Directions: List directions by steps, example Step 1, Step 2, Step 3; not in paragraph form)

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