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Where Would Florida Be Without FSLA?

For more than 10 years, the Florida Senior Living Association (FSLA) has been fighting for the Assisted Living and Memory Care industry. After creating FSLA in 2013 to exclusively focus on Senior Assisted Living, Memory Care and Independent Living communities, we got busy working on your behalf, passing six significant pieces of legislation, winning various AHCA and DOEA rule challenges, and working directly with AHCA, DOH, EOC , Governor's task forces and other state agencies.

Without FSLA's championship of our industry, we can't even imagine where Florida's senior living communities would be ranked among the other states and how far behind our laws and rules would be for residents who take advantage of the many services provided by our communities.

Why join FSLA in 2023-2024? Have you noticed that over the past few years assisted living communities have been part of many major political issues, from hurricanes and generators to a pandemic and now staffing shortages and a huge wage increase? What's next?

We need your help!!! With your community’s membership, FSLA’s professional staff will continue working on important policy recommendations and navigating regulatory and administrative operating requirements and providing the most up to date education. We are always there for you and – with our national partner, Argentum – we will continue to protect your interests at the national level.

FSLA and its membership have confronted many challenges together! Look at what we accomplished just this past year:

-- Championed and passed legislation to continue the COVID-19 liability protections against frivolous lawsuits

-- Supported crisis response efforts during Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Idalia by partnering with state and local emergency management officials to connect our members with information and critical resources

-- Continued to fight for affordable insurance and liability protections, plus much more!

Florida Senior Living Institute (FSLI), also had a breakout year by:

-- Raising more than $22,000 in hurricane relief funds to help staff members in

FSLA member communities

-- Receiving multiple state grants and $500,000 in state funding to provide FREE

CNA staff training to new and existing staff

-- Continuing to provide critical staff training on the latest infection control procedures

Join Now and Get Involved!

Experience the value of membership, participate on various committees, and sign up for our many educational events. We are always available 24/7 to speak with you about any issues. We want you to be part of the FSLA family along with more than 475 other communities!

Joining is easy, just CLICK BELOW. We’re excited to move forward together!

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